The Doors of Perception

I’ve never read Huxley’s iconic memoir about taking mescalin. But I’ve come across The Doors of Perception dozens of times in the musty aisles of used bookstores. When I saw Connie’s photograph from our visit to the Taj Mahal, I thought there they are, Huxley’s doors. To visit India is to enter world upon world of sensory experiences, some astonishing, some miraculous, some disorienting, some disturbing. Before our trip, Connie sent me to the hardware store to look for an adapter that would work in India. The young man who waited on me was excited to learn where we were going. “What an experience you’re about to have, ” he said with a big grin. Another young man we met in downtown Asheville, who was set up on a street corner, with a cool little ancient typewriter, writing poems on the spot for folks, said he’d been to India. Sounding circumspect he said, “Be prepared to have your mind blown.”