Several years ago, on one chilly afternoon in February, Ruth, Connie and I decided to go to Dobra Tea downtown. I ordered the Lapsang Souchong about which the menu said, “This highly esteemed Chinese tea is processed over a fire of pine logs, giving its unrivaled smoky aroma and taste. It is a good tea to drink by the fireplace by puffing on a pipe, or on especially dark rainy days.” You had to ring a bell at your table to order. When our tea person arrived I asked him if they had sugar. He put his hands together and said, “We do have sugar. But we ask that you try the tea without it. If you should decide you want sugar, ring the bell and we will bring it.” When I told him just to go ahead and bring the sugar, a look crossed his face I can only describe as pained. After he left, Ruth shook her head and said, “Oh Asheville.”